What is RSS?

What is RSS?

What is an RSS feed? RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. This means that you can save any search you do online, such as PDXProcurement.com searches, Craiglist or Google searches, and more. RSS Feed

You can also save news websites, blogs, humor sites, whatever you like, as long as they have feeds. A feed can be delineated with a symbol like the one on the right. Sometimes it’s orange, and sometimes it’s not.

If you can’t find the feed link on the website itself, then you can search for the website name plus the word “RSS feed.”

If you want to save a RSS feed for PDXProcurementSearch.com, here’s how you do it step by step.

  1. Go to the PDXProcurementSearch.com front page
  2. Type in your search. Don’t type in “engineering” and “architecture”. Put in one search term at a time. For example just type in “engineering” then press the Search button. 
  3. Now you’re on the search results page.
  4. Click on the RSS search icon, it is in the little grey box and looks like a circle with a couple of wavy lines. RSS How to
  5. Now you are on the RSS feed for engineering page. It looks like this. RSS-How-tov2
  6. Copy the address in the address bar. It will say: http://www.pdxprocurementsearch.com/rss/kw=engineering
  7. Now you can paste this into your RSS feed reader. Don’t have a reader yet? Don’t worry.
  8. Find an RSS feed reader that you like. Here are 5 minimalist feed readers.  Thunderbird and Outlook both have RSS feed readers. Here’s a video for how to add an RSS feed to Thunderbird. Here’s how to add an RSS feed in Outlook.


What is an RSS feed reader?

An RSS Feed Reader is a place you can keep all of your internet searches saved, as well as a place to check your social networks, or your email if you like. There are many RSS feed readers to choose from. 

How do you use an RSS feed in Thunderbird? Let’s walk through it, step by step.

  1. Go to Thunderbird.
  2. Hover over File
  3. Hover over New (see below)make-a-feed-in-thunderbirdv1
  4. Click on Feed Account
  5. This will create a new window that looks like this. (see below)make-a-feed-in-thunderbirdv2
  6. Add your feed address where it says Feed URL. For example: http://www.pdxprocurementsearch.com/rss/kw=engineering
  7. Click Add in the lefthand corner.
  8. Now you’ll see that your Feeds have been added to the bottom of your email inbox view on the left  (see below)make-a-feed-in-thunderbird3
  9. Now you’ll be able to check results for this keyword directly in your email client. Here’s how it looks (below). My feeds from Thunderbird

Still got questions? Just contact us. Our contact info is at the bottom of the website.

Got questions?  Oh yes you do.