Project Title: ORE Salt Pilot Ph 2: Bridge Deck Testing
Project #: 730-33148-18
Issued by: Oregon Department of Transportation view agency website
Publish Date: 2/12/2018
Due Date: 3/14/2018 This opportunity has closed.

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The Oregon Department of Transportation ("ODOT" or "Agency") is seeking Proposals from Professional Services and Related Services consultants to provide bridge deck testing Services. Proposers responding to the RFP do so solely at their expense, and Agency is not responsible for any Proposer expenses associated with the RFP. This Project will determine the amount of chloride ions in selected interstate bridge decks from deicing salts used to protect motorists from winter driving hazards. Once enough of these chloride ions penetrate concrete and reach the steel reinforcement of a bridge deck, corrosion initiates and results in pot holes and eventually expensive repairs which can severely affect mobility. Quantifying chloride ion content is crucial to understanding the most cost effective way to keep a bridge deck in service when exposed to deicing salts. The highway sections included in this Project have had a change in Agency's winter maintenance strategy where crews will be using sodium chloride in place of magnesium chloride. This Project will be used to obtain data during early implementation of this change in maintenance strategy to quantify the long term effect of using sodium chloride. The Services and associated deliverables for the prospective Contract are further described in Exhibit A, Statement of Work of the Sample Contract (RFP Attachment C).


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