Project Title: Arch & Eng Services for Communication Infrastructure Projects
Project #: 291-1210-17
Issued by: Oregon Department of Corrections
Publish Date: 4/19/2018
Due Date: 5/31/2018 This opportunity has closed.

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The State of Oregon, acting by and through the Department of Corrections, ("Agency" or "ODOC"), is issuing this Request for Proposal to create a Price Agreement ("Price Agreement") with underlying task order contracts ("Task Orders") to provide architectural design services for Voice Over Internet Protocol ("VOIP") projects and other communication infrastructure projects ("Services"). ODOC operates 14 correctional institutions throughout Oregon, housing adult offenders in a variety of facilities of various ages and conditions. ODOC is in the process of converting the communications at all institutions to VOIP. The Services provided under Task Order Contracts may be at any one of ODOC's correctional institutions in the state of Oregon. Communication infrastructure consists of the following: - Main Distribution Frame ("MDF") room - Cabling pathway including vaults - Horizontal cabling pathways connecting MDF to Intermediate Distribution Frame ("IDF") rooms - Additional horizontals connecting IDF to IDF rooms - Laterals from IDF to individual rooms - Electrical needs for communication infrastructure - Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning room ("HVAC") needs for communication infrastructure ODOC anticipates the award of one Price Agreement from this RFP. The anticipated value of Task Orders derived from this Request for Proposal and the resulting Price Agreement is estimated to be $1,200,000. Services shall be provided on a per project basis upon the issuance of a Task Order ("Task Order") which shall that defines the scope of the Services for the project in accordance with the ordering procedures described in the Attachment A - Sample Price Agreement and resulting Task Orders. ODOC may issue Task Orders pursuant to the Price Agreement from the effective date through June 30, 2023. Task Orders will be issued by ODOC upon the submission of acceptable project proposals by the Consultant. Services will generally consist of professional Communication Infrastructure engineering/design services that comply with ODOC's Telecommunications Infrastructure Standards (see Attachment E) for various projects related to the upgrade, maintenance, upkeep and minor modification of ODOC's Communication Infrastructure of ODOC facilities, including but not limited to project review, codes review and consulting, and preparation of drawings and specifications. In any Task Order, ODOC may include optional related services that may include project review, codes review, consulting, communication infrastructure inspection, and construction management. Proposers are advised that there is no guarantee of any specific amount of purchases under the Price Agreement and resulting Task Orders. Notwithstanding the award of a Price Agreement, ODOC may conduct separate solicitations or award project-specific contracts or purchase orders for Goods or Services similar to what is described within this RFP using any method allowed by law. The Consultant awarded a Price Agreement through this RFP cannot be awarded any resulting construction contract(s). Because of the sensitive nature of Corrections facilities, the Consultant awarded a Price Agreement must sign a non-disclosure agreement, in substantially the form attached to this RFP as Attachment F. In addition, Consultant shall require its personnel and any sub-consultant personnel performing the Services to sign the same agreement prior to being assigned any Task Orders. A MANDATORY pre-Proposal conference will be held on May 9, 2018 at 10:00AM at the following location: Department of Correction Central Distribution Center 3601 State Street, Bldg 1, Conf Rm 314 Salem, OR 97301


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